Bruised Flesh (Demo)

by aLunarLanding



If life’s a peach
Then I’m the bruised flesh on it
Completely edible
But usually discarded 
Unaware of what this life will bring
But I try to find beauty in unsightly things 

oh no 
another rain cloud
I spilt my cup of coffee and don’t think ill get this stain out 
but wait just a minute
maybe its not finished
a little here a little there
I let it bleed
a new style’s been invented
call it Sumatra chic
I’m not scared of growing old
just when the growing old ceases 
and I’m somewhere all alone
with no loved ones in reach
perhaps I wouldn’t be as scared
if I found something better to believe in 
and maybe heaven is a reason
to live, love, and carry on through the harshest of seasons
a warm bed for the dreaming
strong arms for the squeezing 
a pot of lentils with the most impeccable seasoning 
and spread it over rice please
I’m growing less concerned with the prospect of what might be 
I ask the question nightly
which concept is more frightening 
that tomorrow’s never promised
or it will be here more than likely 
I lean left a little more than slightly 
fight the plights of this life by setting my sights upon my psyche 
I try and do it nicely but quite often i fail
it seems I’m more polite to strangers than i am to myself

if life a peach then I’m the bruised flesh on it
self deprecation’s where I’ve always excelled 
self hate a chain mail that I’ve carried around
but what i looked to for protection just kept weighing me down
allowing bad thoughts to catch up and pick me apart 
stress is a skilled assassin going straight for the heart 
I’m both the kicker and the holder if this life is a game
I set the ball up for the win and simply pull it away 
I engage the tragicomic through some metamodern senseis 
my mood oxymoronic like a chuck brown catch phrase 
good grief
and you’ll see
there’s no need to pretend 
I’ll be me whether or not that’s ever trendy 

cause trends come pass and end
then they come back again
as soon as you think you’re ahead of the times
you’re in back again
so go ahead and laugh my friend
this is all for naught
no matter what you’re bound to end up in an awful spot  


released September 23, 2019


all rights reserved



aLunarLanding Portland, Maine

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