The Happiest Place on Earth

by aLunarLanding



i get it out
i say things aloud
at times I’m not as proud of how i think it sounds
other times I’m really astounded
its hard to stay grounded when you see your words being mouthed by people in the crowd
strangers at that
i take turns at bat with rappers who are not of my caliber
and when they book a show i wasn’t asked to do
i have to fight the urge to blurt out why’d they pick you and not me
honesty’s uncomfortable
but very therapeutic
i often need remind myself
i’m still just the new kid
but i am not new, kid
do not confuse them
I’ve paid all my dues
and groove just like you can
just a bit deeper in the pocket
got the rapping in bag by never shopping for the optics
my stock is not dropping in fact it’s just the opposite 
sharp like a javelin
and rise like the back of a Madeline 
to all types of different occasions
you’re damn right i practice my annunciation
is a virtue
but it can hurt you
wait too long and you’ll lose
and you’ll deserve to
be careful who you serve to
they may not hit it back
and you’ll end up on the net
thinking what’s with all the racket
i’m ten times better than the feathers that you flock with
i’m top gun y’all just goose coming out the cockpit
so sad
im nomad sleeping on foam pads
nothings out of bounds when you’re proficient with the toe taps 
broke traveling showman built to go the distance
with my people shedding masks and smoking like Stanley Ipkiss 
dipsticks get pulled, wiped down and reinserted
only then can you be sure if you’re really in need of service 
i know I’m not impervious to human limitations
but at times i feel invincible to awkward situations
pacing with a puffed chest
frustrated waiting for success
to arrive and give me five
i’ve survived through many gut checks
my blood tests say i am a healthy human being
but my brain says they’re lying it is obvious to me we are dying


released October 28, 2019


all rights reserved



aLunarLanding Portland, Maine

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