What's in a Name

by aLunarLanding



I’m not out here trying to make a name
I’m just out her trying to push the one Ive got

I like to take the time to get outside and have a stretch
I don’t trust writers who seem satisfied with average text
Or who brag about how they haven’t slept in weeks chasing their dreams
we respect the work please just do it quietly
Papas in the other room trying to read his comic books
If the final products dope
I care less about the time it took
Criteria for whether or not I consider you a peer
Is It doesn’t touch my ears if it doesn’t touch on your fears
Sometimes knowing I am gonna die makes me wanna run and hide
But sometimes knowing my life is finite
Make me wanna get out and grind right now
I go from down to up
Like my pubescent penis
I wanna make people comfortable enough
To feel free to laugh at me
Respect to all my friends about the graf like Andre Agassi
I like chillin in circles and though I may decline
I appreciate your thoughtfulness to think to wanna pass to me
In class I sat in back not because I was a slacker but because I was scared the people behind me would talk when I had my back turned
It got so bad the knots inside my stomach turned to gas
I’d start sweating praying the kid with the hall pass would come back already
I packed a heavy bag and so i built the frame to carry it
Now all my strength lies in my ability to grin and bear with it
built up immunity to embarrassment
im scared
that anxiety is so prevalent you can build an entire brand with it
pose for the camera click
quick fix and its on the gram
dismissed by everyone but your fam
and even they won’t understand
how many filters it can take to make someone’s pain look glamorous
but when you finally get it right it can help repair some damages

I’m not out here trying to make a name
I’m just out her trying to push the one Ive got


released November 18, 2019


all rights reserved



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