Why'd It Have To Be​.​.​.

by aLunarLanding



I’ve heard about snakes in the grass
so I’m keeping my lawn well maintained
when I’m in a new place
i stay acting the same
as i do when I’m home
theres no reason to change
it is me that you see
when I’m up on the stage
im not always turned up
im not always down low
I’ve got a range of emotions
that i can control
and deliver to you via different flows
and i hope that you know

if i ever told you you that i had your back
then thats what i meant
to the end
and if we haven’t taken the time to break bread together
then how can we ever be friends
just cause it looks like love
doesn’t mean it won’t break you
all the way down to the stem
keep your eyes peeled
cause you never know what could be lurking right around the bend

people pretend to be friendly
intending to smile in your face
and then laugh when you leave
thinking that’s what it means to be cool in a scene
instead of doing their thing
they just criticize yours
and make all these excuses
about why they don’t do it themselves
they don’t offer to help when the going gets tough
they think wishing’s enough
they won’t go down the well
but they still want a drink when you come up

they see you succeed and say its dumb luck
they assume you’re the same as these dumb fucks
i went nuts once
that’s why i’m constantly teetering toes on the edge of my sanity
hands in my whiskers
i cut out the whiskey
but still put my faith in the cannabis
losing my faith in humanity
one of these days i might pull a Christopher McCandless
peace to society
peace to monotony
peace to the dread in me constantly

peace to anxiety
peace to the piety
peace to this fragile economy

my heart and my word are my currency
I’m constantly learning and earning return
on the burdens i bear
ill keep baring my soul
til the day that my casket is closed
i hope that you know

I’ve my friends
I’ve got my family
I’ve got the love and support of strangers who understand me

look at the way that we do
the people we claim that we like
i talk about you
you talk about me
we talk about everyone nice
as soon as they cut off the lights
we all go and run for the knife
watch your back
it could be a trap
who can you trust in this life?


released July 22, 2019
music and lyrics by aLunarLanding


all rights reserved



aLunarLanding Portland, Maine

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