by aLunarLanding



the hell if i know where ill be in 5 weeks
seem like everyday coming at a thousand miles and running
nothing works when you need it most
folks propose they know and offer truth
but haven’t got a clue if it pertains to you
payments due ?
geeze louise feels like i just paid those fees last week
another month gone by and where am i
still drowning in my how am i gonna make a name mentality
confusing fame with paid and getting caught up in the fallacy
that nine to fives provide a certain kind of stable life
maybe for some but not for i
sorry mama I’m not the type
i learned from yours that time will pass
whether or not you use it right
and you can end up as a failure at something you didn’t like
so why not go for what you love
before it keeps you at night
making you suffer for your concession to comfort and peace of mind
deceased ill wind up anyhow
devout to nothing but frown flipping
i could get down in any town and astound the biggest skeptic
my passion is what i preach
and practice at an olympic level
any hole I’m in i held the shovel
Never cared for throwing dirt when I was younger
More concerned with building castles
And digging moats around them to keep the populace safe
I keep my friends close
To help to keep the demons at bay
Who remain in my brain
Saying on repeat you don’t have what it takes

Gee thanks a lot
Please make it stop
I no longer have the strength to keep it bottled up
see Mama coddled me whenever I was lost and afraid
But one day mama won’t be there to save me

i pull out a blank page fill it quick with criticisms
then try and reverse the hate by talking in syllogisms
i rap
rap is cool
so i guess i am too
it quells the doubt for a moment
so that my confidence accrues
at which point I’m liable to write some kind of hyper aggressive rap slang
like no one in the world can touch my pen game
knowing damn well i haven’t used a pen to write a verse since
back before Kapernick put his knee to the turf to reach the herd
the masses
then after that what happened
they take his job and curse his name for giving strength to blackness
over privileged white men offended by the brashness
of a face different from theirs pointing out their racist tactics
facts get distorted nowadays to sway opinions
the only way to stay safe is question the source gives them
and even then you never know
i guess that’s just the world we live in
where anyone can give their rendition

gee thanks a lot
please make it stop
i no longer have the strength to keep it bottled up
see mama coddled me whenever i was lost and afraid
but on day mama won’t be there to save me

I don’t know if i can make it on my own
but i guess you never try you never know
we’re on a dangerous adventure and it’s bound to get tough
when in doubt trust your gut


released August 5, 2019


all rights reserved



aLunarLanding Portland, Maine

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