Handshakes and Smiles

by aLunarLanding



I possess a mind evolved for solving problems
not the prototype but i snuck a peek at the blueprints they used to make the model
I’m for coddling and sweet things
when mixed with some tough love
i’ve always been a nice guy but i’ve never cared for suck ups
been in a couple dust ups but haven’t thrown a punch once
my appeal to peoples reason’s
been enough to keep the peace
at least for me
it seems my cool demeanor
has got my peers confused
believing i won’t swerve into their lane
and do it better than do
my dude my aim to be what 90s slang
referred to as all that and a bag of chips
please eat my shorts if you do not think I’m legit
i give more props than universal studios
and people know this
but I’ve seen too many people
rap about how they’re the coldest
its the oldest cliche
to fake the funk till funk emerges
but people talk about your shows
and yada yada through your verses
so you try to rap in cursive
and hope to god we never learned to read it
and tell your friends you’re an emcee
cause you cupped a mic and grabbed your penis

Someone please deliver me from all of this absurdity
the politics, the pageantry,
the disdain for common courtesy
handshakes and smiles are the highest form of currency
and my belief in that’s the reason that you’ve probably never heard of me

whether trap beats for athletes pregame warm up
or something more subdued that you can kick back and listen to in jacuzzis
or acoustic sets in cafes where they scrutinize your raps
way more than any other setting
you’re safe betting on the fact that ill deliver something special you can post on any platform that you wish
and bring your friends to shows knowing that they will not be disappointed
I’m the ointment for all this abrasiveness
i keep my finger on the pulse of every venue that i’m in and act accordingly
I’m more than meets the eye
not for conformity
but i’ll compromise with the opposite side
as long as its done cordially
a lot of these acts i abhor to see
are beating me on the scoring sheet
though their numbers are high
when you see them live
how bored are the majority of folks in your vicinity
who are not fucked up sufficiently
efficiently abysmal
substituting gimmicks for their dignity
they’re not even proficient at lip syncing their obscenities
still they get paid and I’m here working for tips
you must be kidding me


released October 14, 2019


all rights reserved



aLunarLanding Portland, Maine

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